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"Toucher du bois"
To touch wood
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"Tra i due litiganti, il terzo gode."
When two people are disputing, the third person is enjoying it.
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"Two heads are better than one"
Two heads are better than one
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"Ulciorul nu merge de multe ori la apa."
The jug does not go to the water for many times.
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"Un copeau de bielle de treu"
A piece of a pig leg
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"Un rabat-joie"
A joy-down turner
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"up the duff"
Up the duff
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"Vakna på fel sida av sängen"
To wake up on the wrong side of the bed
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"Vedersela brutta."
To see it bad to yourself.
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"viagiar descanta, ma chi parte mona torna mona."
Travelling makes you smarter, but who leaves stupid, comes back stupid.
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