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"Sich die Seele aus dem Leib schreien."
To scream out the soul out of yourself.
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"Som man bäddar får man ligga."
The way you make your bed is the way you have to lay in it.
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"Stoppa näsan i blöt."
To stick your nose in someting wet.
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"Suns, kas rej, nekož!"
A dog, that barks, never bites!
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"Talking to a wall"
Talking to a wall
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"Tant va la cruche à l'eau qu'elle se casse."
The jug goes to the water until it breaks.
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"Tanto va el cántaro al agua que al fin se quiebra"
The jug goes to the water so many until it finally breaks.
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"Tanto va la gatta al lardo, che ci lascia lo zampino"
The [female] cat goes so much to the lard, that it leaves there the paw [prints].
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"The blind trying to lead the blind"
The blind trying to lead the blind
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"The Coast is Clear"
The Coast is Clear
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