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"S'en foutre comme de l'an quarante."
Not to care like the year forty.
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"s'entendre à merveille"
To understand each other wonderful
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"s?tten ağzı yanan yoğurdu ?fleyerek yer"
Those who have burnt their mouth drinking milk, eat yogurt by blowing it
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"Sa nu vezi padurea de copaci"
Not to see the forest because of all the trees in it.
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"sakla samanı gelir zamanı"
Spare hay, one day you might need it!
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"saltar de flor en flor"
To jump from one flower to another
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"sauter sur une occasion"
To jump on an occasion
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"Se casser le cul à faire quelque chose (a bit rude)"
To break one's ass to do sth
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"Se faire la malle"
To make to oneself the trunk
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"Se faire un sang d'encre (pour quelqu'un)"
To make to oneself an inked blood (for somebody)
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