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"jemandem etwas auf die Nase binden"
To bind something to somebody's nose
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"Jemanden über den Tisch ziehen."
To pull somebody over the table.
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"Jemanden an der Nase herumführen"
To lead somebody around the nose
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"jemanden auf den Arm nehmen"
To take somebody on the arm
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"jemanden durch den Kakao ziehen"
To pull somebody through drinking chocolate
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"Jemanden um den Finger wickeln"
To wrap somebody around the finger
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"Jeter l'éponge"
To throw the sponge
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"Juosta pää kolmantena jalkana."
To run with the head as the third foot.
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"kalte Füße bekommen"
To get cold feet
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"Kasta in handduken"
To throw the towel in
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