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"En casa del herrero, cucharon de palo."
In the house of the smith, a wooden ladle.
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"En faire des tonnes."
To make tons.
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"En fugl i hånden er bedre end ti på taget."
A bird in the hand is better then ten on the roof.
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"En martes, no te cases ni te embarques."
On Tuesday, do not get married or travel.
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"er geen bal van weten"
To not know a ball of it
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"Er/Sie ist ein gebranntes Kind."
He/She is a burned child.
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Donkey bridge
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"Essere fuori come un balcone."
To be out like a balcony.
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"Etre à fond sur (sb) / dans (smth)... (familiar)"
To be to the max on sb / in smth
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"Etre en nage"
To be swimming
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