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"Приведена главица сабя не я сече"
Lowered head doesnt get cut by sword
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"Присмял се хърбел на щърбел."
A toothless man mocked at another toothless man.
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"Рано пиле - рано пее"
Early bird - early sings
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"Храни куче да те лае!"
Raise a dog so it can bark at you
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"от мухата слон прави"
From the fly an elephant makes
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"Κάλλιο πέντε και στο χέρι παρά δέκα και καρτέρι"
It is better to have five in your hands than ten and waiting for them
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"Οποίος καεί στο χυλό, φυσάει και το γιαούρτι "
A person who has burnt themselves on porridge will even blow at yoghurt
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"Σκύλος που γαβγίζει δεν δαγκώνει!"
A dog that barks never bites.
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"Τα πολλά λόγια είναι φτώχια"
Many words are poverty
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"Της γριάς το μεσοχείμωνο αγγούρι της θυμήθηκε."
In the middle of the winter the old lady remembered of a cucumber
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