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"Вали като из ведро"
It rains out of bucket
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"Запрягам каруцата пред коня"
To put the cart before the horse
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"Защо мъртвите не си стават от местата? Щото някой ще им ги вземе"
Why the dead don't get out of their places? Because someone will take it from them.
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"И вълка сит и агнето цяло"
And the wolf full and the lamb whole
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"Краставите магарета и през девет баира се надушват"
Sick donkeys smell each other across 9 hills
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"Лозето не ще молитва, а мотика."
The grape vine does not want a prayer, but a hoe.
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"Много баби - хилаво дете!"
Many grandmothers - weak child
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"Пилците се броят наесен."
One counts the chicks in autumn.
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"Повторението е майка на знанието"
Repetition is mother of knowledge
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"По-добре врабче в ръката, отколкото орел в небесата."
Better (to have) a sparrow in your hand, than an eagle in the skies.
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