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Saying in original language: Τα πολλά λόγια είναι φτώχια
English translation of the saying: Many words are poverty
Language: Greek
Meaning in English: This saying indicates that we should speak clearly and to the point, to not ramble on and on in are speech pointlessly. It can also be used in a setting where a person speaks endlessly about what they are "going to do", instead of "doing it" and then "speaking about it", "Actions speak louder then words" is similar in this context. This saying is said to have its' roots in ancient Sparta. The Spartans were taught to speak with little words, to have humility, to be wise, to respect the elders, and the laws of their nation. These values formed the basis of this ancient Greek super power. The Ancient Spartans were said to be specific in what they said. Their is a story about how an individual told Lycurgus that Sparta should become a democracy, only to get a stern response of "Create a democracy first in your own household." In this regard the Spartans were considered wise in the way they spoke. They were said to speak only when needed to speak, and then directly and to the point.
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